Friday, May 25, 2018

. . . . . . still hanging out in the potting shed.

I've just realized that the potting shed is now 17 years old!
For those who've followed me a while, you will recall I've told many stories
of its life in the garden. . . . . . and the hours of enjoyment it has brought
me over all those years.

After repairing the door with our good neighbor's help, I did a 'Spring cleaning' 
 and also made a little purchase for my comfort when bird watching/photographing. 
On a recent trip to Charlotte with the usual look around IKEA, I found this folding
 wood chair which is now my 'perch'. I can see the feeders and bird baths 
without the visiting birds, squirrels and rabbits seeing me!

View from potting shed.
American Robin : Turdus migratorius

This female came for an afternoon bathe on a very hot day 
last week. I've noticed robins seem to enjoy a dip more than any 
other backyard songbird.

Gray Catbird : Dumetella carolinensis

A secretive bird that the Chippewa Indians named Bird That Cries With Grief
due to its raspy call. The call sounds like a house cat's mewing, hence its 
common name. It will only nest in thick shrubs and is more often
 heard than seen. . . . . . except it does seem to enjoy coming to my feeders
and the birdbath!

I plan to spend some my holiday weekend out here as more rain is forecast
 and this is a shelter where I can enjoy the backyard visitors.

My painted/stenciled floor has held up quite well all these years -  I recall
the hours I spent on my knees completing that project.
Oh for the days of a strong back and pain-free kneeling again!!!!!

 Mourning Doves : Zinaida macroura

A gentle pair enjoying their perch on the potting shed roof.
Enjoy your Memorial Day, USA and Bank Holiday, UK weekend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Let's move!

It's a fixer-upper of course. . . . . . . . and someone with deep pockets will
 hopefully come along and turn this country house into a home once again.
It's actually on the main street of a small North Carolina town, surrounded by
smart, well cared for homes. It's sad to see this one unloved.

Driving back from the coast on Sunday afternoon was lovely - everywhere 
green and fresh after heavy rains. The fields were plowed, bright green
 cornstalks were already about a foot high.

Speaking of heavy rains - we were hit by such an intense electrical storm
last evening that serious flash flooding occurred in Raleigh. Here in the 
garden we've got a lot of clean up awaiting when it dries up - especially 
re-spreading all those cypress wood chips we spent an entire weekend
of back breaking work on in such hot weather!  Some have even ended
up in the street after being washed down the driveway in the river of water -
it was quite frightening.
Bob is heading out now to check under the cottage for any water - we
are said to have received up to 5 inches of rain in about half an hour!
Our fear now is although today is lovely, dry and sunny, more storms and
 rain are in the forecast for this week.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

'Down East' North Carolina. . . . . .

We're visiting friends in New Bern this weekend and despite wet weather it's 
very lovely, green, clean, and the drive down through North Carolina's 
countryside was glorious.

A little springtime romance going on between a pair of Laughing Gulls
 at our riverside hotel.

The 'Proud Mary' sailing by.

Well duckie apparently read the NO DIVING sign and carefully entered the pool
 via the steps!

Did you watch the royal wedding?
I've just seen a bit and loved viewing Windsor in the brilliant 
sunshine - it was my mother's home as a child when my 
grandfather was in the Coldstream Guards at the castle.

Off to Morehead City and Atlantic Beach this morning.

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